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How much will you be able to rent the house for?

What are the risks of taking on another property?

How will you find & manage the right tenant?

The average homeowner buys or sells property every seven years. So you may be considering moving into a larger home while keeping your current home as a rental, or possibly purchasing a separate investment property as a rental. While carrying previous purchase experience is valuable, what was relevant during your previous home purchase may no longer be relevant in today's market. One of the biggest challenges homeowners face is staying up-to-date with current market trends, which is difficult if you're not involved on a day-by-day basis. Let us bring you up to speed on the current market, which is of the utmost importance when considering investment property.

So You Already Own...

These are the questions you should be asking when considering the purchase of an investment property, or converting your current residence to an investment property. The numbers need to work to make the investment a profitable one, and our knowledge and experience can help you assess the situation. Please see our buyers section to view all we have to offer in purchasing a home!

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