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4 Steps to Downsizing with Minimal Stress

Are you looking to relocate to a smaller place when you retire? Downsizing is the perfect way for seniors to make their life a little easier and start an exciting new chapter in the process. Getting started with a move in your golden years can be stress-free if you know the right steps to take. If you are thinking of downsizing your home but are not sure where to start, use this handy guide to help make your move a little easier.

The Facts: 5+ Years of Uninterrupted Price Growth

You’ve spent so many years thinking of your children, work, and family, so why not make your golden years more about you? Many seniors decide to downsize because they want to relocate to a different area during retirement. You should look for an area that offers all you need to make the most of the years ahead, and there are popular retirement cities in each state. Moving to California is a wonderful option for folks who are looking for pleasant weather, lots to do, and plenty of natural beauty. Once you decide on the location, you’ll need to look into housing prices too. For the Gilroy, California, area, homes sold for an average of $772,000 in the last month or so, but be sure to check out prices for houses that are the right size for your needs.

Sell Your Old Home

Before you buy a smaller home, you may need to sell your old one. You can help your home sell by following simple steps, such as setting the right price and focusing on small but impactful home upgrades. The most crucial step in selling your home quickly is to find the right listing agent. An experienced agent will take care of prepping for market, staging, marketing, and attracting attention to your home so you can concentrate on your move instead.

Declutter and Organize Your Belongings

If you are like most older adults, you’ve likely amassed a lot of stuff over the years. Knowing what to keep and what should go can be one of the toughest steps in downsizing your home. Set aside some time to really go through everything you have in your home. While you may find a lot to get rid of, there are some things you should avoid throwing out. Family heirlooms, collector’s items, and photos are pretty high on the list. If you do want to get rid of excess photos or documents before your move, use a scanner to upload them to online storage. It’s a much safer way to keep up with important paperwork and allows you to store or toss extras.

Plan for a Painless Move

Dealing with stress when moving is pretty common, especially if you are downsizing due to an emotional event or even during the holidays. No matter why and when you are moving, you can prevent a lot of stress with some basic planning. First off, decide whether you will move on your own or hire professional movers. Going with professional movers is a smart move for many seniors since the pros know how to pack your items, relocate them safely, and help you get them in place in your new home. If you do decide to tackle your move on your own, make sure you know how to pack your boxes securely and avoid injuries while moving things around. Using the proper equipment and packing lighter boxes can make your move safer, but you can also ask family members to help with heavier items.


A new home can be a great way to make the most of your golden years, so don’t stress about downsizing. Planning, research, and a little patience are all you need to make your move smoother and find the perfect new home to live out the best years of your life. So don’t wait to make a move that can make your life so much happier!


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